Activating your free 5,000 Koefna when signing in.


All members receive 5,000 Koefna when joining the server to help start your online balance. THerfore we hope to help you begin your online adventure in free, fast and easy transactions. 

Step 1- Join the Server 

Please ensure that you are in the discord server named Koefna Online Trading. You can join the server using this link

Step 2- Agreeing to the terms and conditions. 


When you have joined the discord, you will need to type the word "agree" in the welcome chat.

Step 3- Activating your money.

Now it is time to activate your free 5,000 Koefna. To do this you must type the following word in the bank channel. 

".with all"

guide, 5,000 koefna activation.png

Congrats! You have successfully activated your account with your free 5,000 Koefna.