Tensions rise between NATO and the Axis

According to strategic and geopolitical experts at UNM, tensions between the Axis and NATO are starting to rise, with some experts fearing for a devastating war to arrive soon.

This afternoon the Confederacy of the Southern States announced that all NATO members will immediately issue a travel ban to and from the following nations:

  • The 3rd Spanish Republic

  • The Kingdom of Sweden

  • The Southeast Asian Republic (SEAD)

  • The Kingdom of Rome (Kingdom of Romania)

  • The United Nations of Korea (U.N.K)

Meanwhile the host nation of NATO the French Republic stated in a response to the Koefdam times.

NATO has decided to issue this harsh sanction as these nations have shown to either fully ban or support the ban of UNM officials and diplomats from entering their nations for investigations.

Additionally, when asking the French republic about the threat of war, their response was,

"We understand that at this time NATO is in a good position military wise. We also believe the statement from The Republic of Sweden is false when they said
"we have 0% interest in your shithole." "

For any NATO nationals and citizens stuck in the banned nations, they are required to contact their embassy immediately to get repatriated, all repatriated citizens will also be required to go to counselling for 7 days, where any anti-NATO thoughts will be removed and punished with several prison sentences.

The French republic denied answering any further questions about their military.

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