Koefdam Launches Opening November 9th!

The Koefdam City Roleplay will be resuming to host Koefdam on Minecraft Ps4 Bedrock Edition starting on Monday November 9th. In this article, we will cover the latest changes Koefdam will bring with the re-opening.

Koefdam Dismantles the UNM

The Koefdam City Roleplay has said to no longer host the United Nations of Minecraft. All partnerred nations will need to establish their nations on the main world of Koefdam. No longer will Koefdam also recognise nations outside Koefdam, and will return to a neutral relationship with all competing servers.

All players unbanned

With the reopneing, all players will be unbanned. Additionally the Director with the owner are given the authority to ban players. However, players have the ability to appeal to their ban through the support section of Koefdam.

The abolishment of memberships

For many years, players have taken advantage using memberships, although a great help for our server to remain online, often a huge burden for players who could not afford such perks. Therefore all memberships will no longer be offered, sold or recognised. All members will be refunded with other in store items.

The Netherlands, returned to it's old state

The Kingdom of the Netherlands will be under the ownership of the King, with an elected Prime Minister to be in charge of the nation. The Kingdom will become a constitutional monarchy, with elections every 3 months, 20 members of parliament and only parliament being able to pass or modify laws.

Players can begin waiting for the opening on our official Discord https://discord.gg/BukARn5

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