Dutch King Visits Germany and Russia

Yesterday evening the Dutch King Koehof followed with his delegation and minister of defence Harold Kaplan went on a tour to visit the republic of Germany and the Russian Federation.

The nation addressed the topics of establishing diplomatic relations, whilst visiting several military facilities of the Russian armed forces. They inspected several military tanks and explored a few military facilities displaying some of Russia’s latest weaponry.

Furthermore the Dutch King addressed many questions about the rules of war, and the duties of each nation inside the United Nations of Minecraft.

Dutch Minister of Defense 2nd from left with several S.D.F leaders inspecting their airforce

Dutch Minister of Defence Harold Kaplan also addressed the issues about corruption inside governments and armed forces, hoping to find a way to combat such crimes as a coordinated team.

Not long after, the Dutch delegation went to visit the Republic of Germany, where they learned about Redstone powered power plants and new techniques of extracting valuable ores and resources from the grounds.

A German delegation was soon sent towards the Netherlands, where the German Chancellor visited the Capital City Koefdam, along with some defence towers and part of the Dutch naval fleet.

Members of the Dutch delegation together with the chancellor of Germany

The Dutch King has addressed this to be the first, but highly successful diplomatic mission, to where our people will soon hopefully expect more of.

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