BREAKING- The Axis declares war on NATO

In the past few hours, we have seen multiple nations mobilising their armed forces, and several nations have declared war on each other.

The Koefdam times has therefore established a log with all major events of last night.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 00:22 Paris Time- Spain discovers a nuclear weapon

The Republic of Spain releases an urgent statement mentioning the discovery of a nuclear weapon. It is still unclear who owns this weapon. Spain warns nations based in the southern hemisphere to be alert. No nation has yet claimed ownership of the missile.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 01:45- France and CSS into nationwide lockdown

Both the republic of France and the Confederacy of Southern States have issues a state of alarm. Issuing a nationwide lockdown ordering all citizens to stay inside their homes.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 02:12- France raises state of alarm

France raises it's Vigipirate alert level to 'Emergency attack'. This is the highest level of danger.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 02:29- Sweden declares war on France

Sweden has just announced that they are at war with France, both nations and their military unions are mobilising their armed forces.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 02:50- the Balkan States issues state of alarm

The Balkan States issue a state of alarm and have active all their defence systems.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 02:52- Sweden and France negotiate peace

After a 2 hour negotiation, Sweden and France have agreed on new terms, causing all soldiers to retreat. Sweden will take control of around 20% of Greenland, and will receive 9,000,000 Koefna in return for peace.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 04:38- Uprisings in Colombia

Groups of armed rebels take control of the communications systems in Colombia, distorting communications inside the government. National police and special forces have secured the buildings after several gunfights between armed rebels and police/military.

Saturday 5/7/2020- 06:59- SEAD Declares war on France

The SEAD declares war on France, causing the world war to be re-ignited. Romania, Israel and Sweden also join the war, violating the previous agreement signed just 4 hours earlier.

In the past 12 hours, there has been a severe increase of tension between NATO forces and the military of the Axis. We are currently unclear of the number of casualties. The Koefdam Times with the United Nations of Minecraft is working hard on publishing more information about the developing stories.

According to the chairman of the UNM he said,

"Although it was clear that both the Axis and NATO were in a cold war, we at the UNM did not expect this conflict to escalate to such a scale. We still ask the nations to attempt peace talks and at UNM we are happy to help provide a safe environment for nations to discuss the matter."

Updates on this matter will be published on our official website.

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