BREAKING- Spain detonates nuclear bomb in the Netherlands

Yesterday night Spain declared war on the Netherlands after tensions rose between the Spanish government and Dutch parliament members in the opposition.

After the Spanish Kingdom declared war on the Netherlands, the nation fired a nuclear weapon towards the Kingdom, obliterating the town of Hikeville.

Currently, the death toll is unclear, as the Dutch Military is working with rescue workers to help issue aid and evacuate all civilians in the region. According to sources, the nuclear blast was so big, it could be felt all the way in Downtown Koefdam. With the crater being the size of several city blocks.

Currently, with Radiation spreading rapidly in the air, the Netherlands has ordered civilians of the regions of Haydayville, Groningen, and Zeeland to immediately evacuate. The government will also be setting up checkpoints on all roads leading to these areas, to prevent civilians from entering the area. Citizens are being treated with iodine medication to help reduce the chance of radiation sickness.

Dutch Police closing a highway leading to the radiated area

With the radiation also affecting Pandora, Portugal and Hollandia, Pandora has ordered an evacuation notice from their capital Surdiona and the province of Zion, as nuclear fallout is expecting to fall on their capital. Potentially killing thousands of civilians.

The UNK published the following map showing the area affected by the nuclear bomb.


The area marked red is extremely dangerous, protective gear must always been worn with a maximum exposure of 90s per player per week. Longer than 90s will lead to sickness, causing you to lose creative or be hospitalised for a week. Staying in this area longer than 5 minutes will cause your character to die.


The area marked orange is very dangerous, protective gear must always be worn with a maximum exposure of 10 minutes per player per week. Longer than 10 minutes will cause sickness, and longer than 30 minutes will cause death.


The area marked yellow is still dangerous, protective gear must always be worn with a maximum exposure of 1 hour per player per week. Staying in this area longer than 5 hours will lead to death.

The Spanish government has apologised for their actions, and have issued a compensation of 100 million Koefna to the Dutch government. However, with this being the largest disaster Koefdam has seen since 2014, many people question if the Spanish government was rightful to do so.

Currently, only the Netherlands, Canada and the Williams Order have condemned the use of nuclear weapons on a city for no valid reason. With other governments preferring to issue a blind eye on the events.

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