BREAKING- Canada under attack

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Welcome to the latest liveblog covering the joint war against Canada. The latest updates regarding the war will be published here.

22:10- Sebraska Declares War on Canada

At 22:10, the Sebraskan government announced a declaration of war against Canada. The war was issued as according to Sebraskan state media, Canadian Warships were violating Sebraskan waters.

22:14- Spain and Portugal declare war on Canada

Soon after, both Spain and Portugal have agreed to declare war on Canada, aiding the Sebraskan Military.

22:17- Dutch governments to remain neutral during the war

Soon after the multiple declarations of war, Prime Minister Alex J Robinson held an immediate press conference stating that their nation will remain neutral during the war.

22:24- Lithuania demands nations to leave TNA

The Lithuanian government officially announced they will leave TNA, The Northern Administration. The Lithuanian government urged all member states to disband this military alliance, threatening with military action against TNA members.

22:50- TNA disbanded

Soon after Lithuania's demand for nations to leave the TNA, Hollandia and Pandora also announced they will be leaving the TNA, causing the defensive alliance to fall.

02:18- Spain Nukes the Netherlands

The Spanish government has declared war on the Netherlands and has fired a nuclear weapon. The Dutch Government has issued DEFCON 1 and orders all people to seek shelter

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