BREAKING- Bomb Explosion at Swedish embassy in Barcelona

Updated: May 31, 2020

Police officers of the city of Barcelona responded to several calls regarding an explosion and several gunfire at the Swedish embassy.

The explosion happened at 22:56 local time, followed by several gunfire when a Swedish delegation with King Harold Kaplan was visiting Barcelona.

Currently rescue workers are attempting to extinguish the fire and treat the injured.

Currently, there are 6 confirmed deaths, including the mayor of Barcelona.

More developments will be published as we receive more information about the attack.

The Swedish authorities together with Spanish police are currently investigating the matter. The Swedish government have said in a public statement;

"The Swedish embassy in Spain has been the victim of a terrorist attack. Nobody knows who did it but we are almost 100% certain it was the Phoenix Imperial Republic who were the brain behind this, as they are the only one with a motive.
We will not stand back and let this pass. Revenge will come around corner soon."

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Imperial Repuiblic denies any involvements with the attack and has said as a response;

"We have seen this gig again and again from modern nations, even though we have had no past quarrel with any of the nation's involved they still pin it on us, why?
Justification, they are searching for justification to declare war against the imperium and due to said fact we will be fully mobilising the millitary for their "vengence" as we will not be wrongly accused into a conflict that we are not the cause of."

As stated, the Phoenix Imperium has threatened to mobilise their military if necesary, potentially leading to a war between the three nations.

Could this conflict soon turn hot into a full scale war? Or could diplomacy de-escalate the situation?

More update on this topic will be published at the Koefdam Times

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