Koefdam Joins the United Nation

The Kingdom of the Netherlands inside the Koefdam City Roleplay has officially become a member of the United Nations on Minecraft Ps4 Edition, this enables Koefdam and the Netherlands to part take in global events and wars.

Tonight, a closed conference was held informing the members about the changes made. We have a summary of these changes.

Change 1- United We Stand

The Koefdam server will now be united under one flag. The Kingdom of the Netherlands will be in charge of the entire server being under the control of 13 provinces. The nation will be led under a constitutional monarchy, with a central parliament in Koefdam, the capital. All provinces will have one seat in this parliament where every law passed must be approved upon by the King.

Change 2- More server activeness

Koefdam will be hosting the server everyday for builders between 12:00-00:00 GMT. This will hopefully help governors build their nations.

Change 3- Governors given more control

All provinces will be administered by their governor. These governors will be given operator permission, whilst being able to give 5 accounts creative permission to build. All governors will be given a building task each month by the King.

Change 4- Creative content users

The chief of Marketing has announced to create a creative content system. Allowing Youtube creators with over 500 subscribers to sponsor our channels. More information can be requested with our marketing department.

Change 5- Earlier Updates

The final change might be as ground breaking as the first change on Koefdam. The server will be allowing the updates to be opened starting at 250 members instead of the previous 450 members. More information can be found at the official Discord.

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