Breaking, American Server Bombs Koefdam

On Monday night, the palace of King Joepbic was bombed by American terrorists. Soon after, police arrived and secured the area. Luckily there were no injuries or deaths due to explosion. When investigators entered the scene, the place several American flags were placed inside and outside the building whilst removing the royal Dutch flag.

Images of the bombings, taken by the (KBC)

However, new images have shown that the bombing has been performed by the terrorist group, LA RP. Whach has set it's goal to become the number 1 server on Minecraft Ps4 Edition. It has been said they have performed these attacks as a response to the Koefdam moderators censoring unauthorised advertisements from the LA server.

We also, have images, showing both the confession from President Jack the 1st and the leader of the terrorist group, Political.

First images, showing the confession made by South African President Jask 1st, showing the confession on how Politcal bombed the palace

Secondly, to confirm all doubs the leader, admitted to have bombed the palace, and claims to continue it's operations.

The Koefdam Rp, has announced that they will take an investigation to determine the consequences for these disgraceful acts. An announcement will be made after the Board of Staff on the server have suggested a solution for this issue.

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