Koefdam Opens Polling Stations

Starting from tonight at 12 am CEST, the polling stations on both the Dutch and international discord will open to allow the people to vote for their new prime minister in the Netherlands or to vote for the new director of Staff.

So far, the Dutch Prime minister elections will be seeing 3 candidates, each with different standpoints and opinions. The current running candidates are ExoSoftGamer, FunkyPanda90 and Sherlockqueen.

All candidates are extremely excited for the position.

Considering it will be after 11 months since the Netherlands will once again become a constitutional monarchy with some minor adaptions. The new Dutch parliament works as the current candidates are: -ExosoftGamer -FunkyPanda90 -Jack Williams Every candidate will be in charge of their political party. The Dutch parliament will have 20 seats in total. The more votes they receive, the more seats they will have in this parliament.

As the number is 20, it is possible for a vote to be tied. In that case the King, will make the last vote. Also, when a new law has been passed through parliament. It must be accepted first by the King.

The King has full power to deny or accept a law once passed through parliament. Secondly, the winner of the election will be the Dutch Prime Minister, he will lead the nation in regards of war if the King is not active. He will also appoint the following parliament members as ministers.

These are:

-Minister of Defence.

-Minister of Finance (Treasury).

-Minister of Construction.

-Minister of Justice.

-Minister of Agriculture.

-Minister of Transportation.

These ministers will need to be in charge of their departments, this involves the hiring of staff and reaching the monthly goals set by the PM and parliament.

The votes will start, July 1st and will end August 1st.

The decision of a new director of staff

After 1 year, it is to the people to decide who should continue it’s staff and server. There are 2 people currently willing to lead our people working hard for the existence of the server. These are Harrythedude094 and Sherlock Queen.

So far, both leaders claim to be the better person. However, it is for the public to decide.

All elections are to be held in the discord. The Dutch Elections in the Dutch server https://discord.gg/KfFwg2 and the Server’s Discord https://discord.gg/u24Yk8

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