BREAKING- First Order release first Lag Bomb ever.

What appeared to be a normal artillery fire released by the First Order during the battle of last Friday unfortuanetly appears to in fact be a Lag Bomb, the explosion occured on Friday, 10th of May at around 11:46 PM. According to the UNK this is the first major Lag Bomb used in warfare on the server.

Currently, the Williams Order has evacuated the capital and has started to relocate all civilians. However, due to the large radius of the Lag Radiation, many neighbouring nations are also affected casuing wide panic and evacuations in the area.

Although Lag Radiation does not seem harmful, exposure can cause the server to crash causing the person inside the radiated area to get stuck in a never ending loading server making it almost impssible to join the server again, so far there are 2 confimed cases of people who came into contact with the Lag Radiation.

To prevent future cases where humans are expsed to this Lag Radiation, the UNK has started sealing off the area with fences and warning posts.

Above, the evacuation map showing the levels of radiation and below a UNK scientist sealing off the area.

As the types of lag weapons are fairly new, not much research has been conducted and scientists have struggled to view ground zero for the past 2 days, however today at 18:28 a Dutch drone managed to take a few images and a video of the ground zero before the connection was lost.

Above, the 2 images taken before losing connection with the server.

As we can see, the ground is engulfed in a never ending sea of flames expected to rage for weeks causing Lag Radiation to be released.

According to Koefdam, it is expected to take between 4 and 6 weeks to fix the Lag radiation and to allow members to enter the area. Is this a new form of an apocalyptic war? Or will the peace remain dominant in a world engaged with conflict?

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