BREAKING- First Order Wins First Battle

It has been confirmed that the First Order forces have launched an attack on the Williams Order, although the Williams order's military fought very hard to attempt to stop the attacking forces, they were soon overwhelmed by the much larger and better prepared First Order military.

According to the UNK, only 3 casualties were made in during the war. No casualties were made from the First Order's Military.

The war also saw the world first use of artillery fire from the First Order South. As reported there were no casualties reported from any side due to the artillery.

(Image of First Order Military launching artillery strikes)

So far, the First Order's militar has managed to occupy the southern regions of the Williams Order, so far with minor resistance from the local population.

(The current borders in the Williams Order, South is occupied by First Order forces while the North is defended by the Williams Order.)

Currently, both forces are preparing for next decisive battle which will occur on Friday at 9 PM UK Time.

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