BREAKING- South Africa Annexes Italy

Yesterday night the South African military launched an invasion on the southern Border of Italy, According the Italian government the South African soldiers launched the attack at 17:36 pm CET.

The Italian military rapidly responded by mobiliosing their entire amred forces. However, despite of the fast mobilisation the Italian armed forces could not hold off the South African military. The South African forces quickly managed to capture the capaital with little to no resistance. The Italian military managed to launch one last decisive battle on Commander Hill.

Unfortuantley, due to the lack of supplies on the Italian front and the South African military with its technoloigal superiority managed to beat the remaining forces of the Italian nation.

It was not much later, after a short battle of only 80 minutes that the italian Military surrendered to South Africa.

Currently, we have not heard from the Italian leader commanderdizz while some speculate that the South African military captured leader commanderdizz to which he may be subjected to torture.

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