U.N.K Releases New World Map

After 6 months it is time for another new world map. The U.N.K has therefore presented the new world map. The U.N.K has decided to keep it's iconic design which is famous for it's simplicity and clarity.

As we can see, both the Netherlands, New Korea and Ireland have increased rapidly in land while many small nations either dissolved or merged with the larger nations. We can also see a rapid growth in the city limits of Pyongdam.

Over the years, the world has grown rapidly and this will be demonstrated in the following images.

World Map, June 2017

Here we can see the world map created in 2017 at the height of the cold war between the Netherlands and the United States.

The orange represents the Netherlands while the red represents the United States. As we all know. The United States eventually dissvoled during a series of civil wars,

World Map, December 2017

After the dissolvement of the United States in June 2017. Many former U.S regions became independent nations while the U.A.E became a Dutch region.

World Map, June 2018

The summer of 2018 saw it's calmest age. Almost no major battles were fought. However, many small nations were facing major struggles with their people and the larger nations were preparing for a new war. The U.A.E also peacefully gained back it's independance from the Netherlands.

World Map, January 2019

During October 2018, many large nations like New Korea and Ireland commenced large campaigns to gain land and power. This has become very clear with North Korea and Ireland as their nations expanded by at least 50%.

Many experts are not sure what the future holds. However, the U.N.K has said that we should expect many new nations while some very powerful nations will soon cease to maintain it's current size. We should also expect to see our first nuclear weapon used since 2017 considering the fact that a large nation never lasts.

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