Koefdam News, January 3rd 2019

From this day forwards, the Koefdam News will be updating weekly writing to all citizens about the major events week by week.

Dutch Government legislates new age for article 15s

The Dutch Government has started the mass deportation of all article 15s under the age of 13. The Government announced that all members under the age of 14 will be banished from the province of Holland by July 2019. In response to maintain the law the government has started to deport all members under the age of 13 on the 1st of January 2019. So far the deporations have been going peaceful with no protests.

"Our nation has seen enough crimes commited by these creatures. Instead of a roleplay filled with crime and lack of discipline in the streets we must take back control of our beloved city and only allow the people who deserve entry. Not all members under the age of 13 will be removed. The mature citizens and premium members may stay."

Irish wedding ends in massacre

The world watched in shock how live on television on E-news the assasination took place on the future wife of King Ryan of Ireland. Unfortuantely the suspect managed to escape although sources claim the Irish leader was in charge of the murder. Further developments on this story will come soon.

(Image Taken by E-news)

Dutch secret service takes down E.B.R.A attack.

The Koefdam Secret Service has successfully managed to take down a group of members part of the E.B.R.A. The terrorists were expected to blow up 6 stacks of TNT under the World Trade Center and Pig's Bay. Luckily thanks to our agents and our general HazardWaffle who was leading the operation all terrorists successfully managed to take down the threat with only a small gunfight.

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