Mysterious Murder In Groningen

Today local police officers responded to a possible kidnapping case in Groningen. When the local deputy sheriff arrived at the scene he soon activated the distress sign and lost connection to the dispatch in Groningen. In the fear of a gun fight occured at the farm. The police immediately dispatched 6 armed police officers to head towards the crime scene.

When police arrived there was no sign of any gun fight and the deputy sheriff was nowhere to be found. Instead, police officers found a trail of blood leaving to the dead police officer. Police officers also found 5 dead bodies of a complete family except for the husband of the family named agescameron.

The family appeared to be all sexually molested and died of starvation. They also have cigarette burns and concerning patterns made out of dried blood.The bodies were also set on fire or were atleast heavily exposed to fire. The local police has not said why the murders have been commited and why the house was burned down.

(The blood trail leading to the dead officer)

So far, the police is still looking for the suspect and is calling all local residents of Groningen to report any suspicious activities in the area.

(The room where the family was trapped)

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