Prussian Victory In First Anglo Prussian Battle

The Prussian military has recently occupied the eastern side of the United Kingdom after a successful battle at the border between British and Prussian Soldiers. The United Nations claim 1 journalist died during the war and around 40 soldiers and counting died at both fronts of the war.

The prussian governemnt says it is a true victory that will certainly boost confidence and trust into the nation of Prussia. The British government said:

" Do not fear Bristish citizens, we will protect you and the Prussian governemnt will be punished from their actions. Jack may have won the battle but not the war."

Harrythedude094, leader of the Korean Independence movement also said "I forgot, no f**king hell hahah, please put that on the website, please do. Ahhh, f**king mist luck."

The next battle will happen next week friday at 8pm UK time.

We will now display some images of the war taken by joepbic and war photographer FAJT147.

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