U.K Declares War Against Prussia

Yesterday night, the British ministry has declared war against the nation of Prussia. It has been said the war has been declared out of fear of Prussia Imperialism. 

The Prussian government has responded to the declaracion and is soon issuing a full mobilisation for their nation. Allied countries such as Saxony and Bavaria will be joining Prussia's side.

The North Korean Independence movement have said to support the side of the United Kingdom. The United Arab Emirates has also joined the English side. 

The United States of America has also claimed to assist the war on the Prussian side after fighting the war against the United Arab Emirates. 

Currently the Belgian, Dutch and Mike's military claim to remain neutral although the fear of more nations  involving is increasing. 

The United Nations has said to be working on the crisis and has asked the Netherlands, Belgium and Mikeland to mobilise their militaries for U.N.K peacekeepers to help in the evacuation of all citizens. Currently the U.N is fearing for a world war with destruction at a large scale.

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