Dutch Government Announces The Purge

The Dutch Government has announced that on Friday at 20:00 UK time the nation will be hosting the Purge. For 2 continuos hours, police and all emergency services will not be able to respond to any calls. All crimes will be legal for these 2 hours on the server although players may not use explosives or lava to prevent any act of grief during the 2 hours. It will also be illegal to create money or commit any crimes on the discord server.

Many citizens are preparing for the purge. Players are barricading their homes and buying weapons for the purge as players can finally take revenge on their enemies and steal items of other players.

The government hopes the purge will allow people to stop commiting crimes and instead kill, rape or torture their enemies during the Purge.

The Dutch King will be going into hiding whilst being protected by his most eilite guards during the purge.

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