BREAKING-Revolution in Maples Ville

Yesterday at around 22:30 numerous armed groups of people went onto the streets in the capital of Maples Ville. The armed groups yelled "Independence" and "Revolucion" whilst shooting with automatic weapons into the sky. When the Police force arrived (which consisted of one officer), the police was forced to join the group of armed rebels.

The rebel groups also stormed the Police Station, the Military Headquarters and the Residence of the King who was in North Korea at the time.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Relations has also confirmed that their head ambassador in Maples Ville joined the Rebel Group. The Ambassador has been discharged for the time being and he will need to be re-evaluated after the war.

The King of the Netherlands tried to communicate with the rebels to determine if they can be a threat to the Netherlands. When speaking to the leader, the leader claimed to have no intentions in attacking the Netherlands. However, the friendly talk soon ended when rebel snipers tried to shoot the king.

Therefore the Netherlands has prioritised defending and closing it's border against Maples Ville in case of any attack.

North Korea has also said to be assisting Maples Ville. North Korea has issued a full mobilisation ordering all North Korean Men to enlist at their nearest barracks.

So far the U.N.K has said to deploy Peacekeepers to Maples Ville to assist in the Evacuation of all the civilians. The U.N.K will also try to set up a negociation between the two Leaders.

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