BREAKING-Prime Minister Refuses To Step Down

Last night the Koefdam Parliament issued a vote to remove GarryLarryJR out of the Parliament. The result of the vote was:

  • 56% in favour of the motion

  • 22% Against the motion

  • 22% Undecided

As the votes clearly show that the Prime Minister should be Stepped down, the parliament has asked him to end his duty as the Prime Minister. However, the Prime Minister refused and came with a set of demands.

Currently the parliament has turned into total anrchy and many citizens fear the nation could end up into a civil war. This will be the first time a war is fought inside the main city.

The King and his family have fled to North Korea to remain into exhile while the problems unfold. It is expected that the first gun shots will be fired today.

The King also held a live speech.

Many citizens have fled the nation heading to nearby nations such as North Korea and MapleVille to escape the war. The entire nation is currently under control of the new leader GarryLarryJR.

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