BREAKING- huge riot expected to occur on Friday.

According to several sources an anti Garry Group under the command of Captain-pig129 is expected to demonstrate outside the residence of Prime Minister GARRYLARRYJR. 

The march will start at around 4 pm UK time and the march will start at the residence of the PM and end at the parliament.

The march has been created to pressure GarryLarryJR to step down from his prime minister role. Captain-pig129 also stated 

" We will riot to fight for our rights if necessary." 

The Koefdam City Police Department has noticed the demonstration and said

"  The government has allowed the protest for citizens to keep their rights of freedom of speech. To ensure no violence will occur we will send three riot units to control the large crowds. Many roads will be closed for the march and the protesters will be escorted on foot through the streets towards the parliament. Anyone who will try to exert any violence to any other person will be detained and punished."

So far the Prime Minister has not responded although a recent discord poll shows that:

5 in 10 people want him removed

2 in 10 people want him to stay

3 in 10 people are not sure

So far, the demonstration is expected to be the largest ever as many citizens demand a change. Some even willing to start a civil war if necessary.

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