North Korean and Dutch Military Stand Down

24 hours ago the Dutch Military received it's official orders to retreat out of the nation of Mike. The main reason for the Military to withdraw is the treaty created by North Korea and the Nation of Mike. The treaty states that the Dutch and North Korean military will withdraw out of the nation if 50% of the land of Mike will be given to North Korea.

Although the treaty was signed one week prior. The Koefdam military stayed in the nation to assist in rebuilding the nation and to enforce the law in the anarchic nation.

So far, the U.A.E has not shown any acts to end the war as they are therfore still officially at war with the nation of Mike. Talks between the leader of the U.A.E Hikethegamer1995 and Mikejizem have just started as the U.N.K pressures both governments to find a peaceful resolution.

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