Previous Prime Minister Battles Current Prime Minister in Boxing Match

BREAKING NEWS:: Previous Deputy Prime Minister Marinowitteveenm and Prime Minister GarryLarryJR have declared a boxing fight on the 24th Of October. This event will take place at 3:30pm GMT (British Time). 

As well as that, a press conference will take place on the 21st of September at 5:30pm GMT. This will be a great time to get a picture with your favourite boxer Garry has stated in quote

 “We are under pressure with building the new arena just for this fight so any builders who would like to help please contact Me.” 

As well as that he said “Me and Marino have un-finished beef that we will be able to settle in the ring. This will be fun!” 

The event will have undercard matches and so far there is space for 4 more fights. Anyone who wants to fight another player please contact Garry ASAP. Possibly, the two undercard fights that have been currently submitted are FunkyPanda Vs Captain-Pig and HarryTheDude Vs Hikethegamer.

The trainers for the fighters are not known yet although it is rumoured that HazardousCop might train GarryLarryJR. For Further Information please contact GarryLarry. The fight will be broadcasted on Koefdam Tv on youtube so if you can’t make the fight you can watch it on there! See you soon!! 

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