Military Ranking Koefdam City Roleplay 2018

As it is certain war will occur in the next weeks we have decided to show the public the strongest current militaries of on the Roleplay.

1- Kingdom Of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is by far the largest military on the Server. With 21 active soldiers, 300 reserve and over 700 fit for duty members other militaries are a joke compared to the Dutch. The nation has around 16 fighter jets, 2 bomber aircrafts, 2 Helicopters , 9 tanks, 2 destroyers, 1 submarine, 1 corvette and 2 supply ships. The nations also has multiple military bases scattered around the map.

2- Maplesville

Maplesville is a very strong military compared to the other nations with 2 active soldiers, 3 reserve and 12 fit for duty. The nation has no navy although they have an airforce with one fighter jet. The nation has the highest concentration in soldiers stationed per Map.

3- The Republic of Codking

The republic of Codking has a very strong army with 2 active soldiers, and 5 fit for duty, although the nation is a small island the nation has one submarine, a bomber plane and 3 tanks.

4-The Kingdom of Wakanda

The Kingdom of Wakanda is not the strongest nation as it only has one soldier although the nation is extremely fortified and has 2 tanks.

5- The United Arab Emrates

The U.A.E has no military although we can say they hire mercaneries such as the S.A.S which are a very dangerous military, they are known to having attacked nations with very strong weapons such as entire destroyers and successully managing to capture enemy equipment.


Although Cocoland is a pacifist nation, the nation is very well capable of defending itself as they own an airfield and a military base. The nation has no record of the amount of soldiers.

Cocoland's Military attempting to attack a military base during the War of England.

7- North Korea

North Korea only has one soldier which is the Leader himself although we believe we can see a huge grow in this nation as the Nation buys allies to protect itself. From other threats.This is a new but very effective tactic. The nation does however have an airfield with one transport plane.

8- Acorn/ Pig's Bay/Mike

These nations have no military, neither do they have any allies making them extremely weak. Only luck has kept these nations safe so far.

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