BREAKING- International Community Declare War On The Land Of Mike

It was already known that North Korea and the United Arab Emirates declared war on the nation of Mike although we have just recieved confirmation from our King and Prime Minister that the Kingdom of the Netherlands has also joined the war to fight the Nation of Mike in a coalition.

The U.A.E declared the war as they are in need of land and resources. The nation of Mike very inactive and the population is low. North Korea soon joined as they are also looking for land and are looking for an area closer to The Netherlands for trade.

It was unclear why the Netherlands joined although we discovered that the Netherlands will recieve numerous islands located on a strategic point for the Nation.

The Treaty Of Pynongyang, The areas showing who will own what area after the war if the war is a success.

Orange= The Netherlands

Red= North Korea

Purple= Canada

The Leader of North Korea, HarryTheDude094 stated in an interview

"About the citizens of Technosia, I want to offer them a citizenship in North Korea and if Hike agrees they could even live in the U.A.E. This will only happen if they act peacefully, otherwise i'll put them in prison until further notice."

Many nations also asked the reason why the U.A.E and North Korea started the war where North Korea replied

"The land is worth a lot, Mike doesn't seem to care about it so i would like to do this peacefully but i wont hesitate to kill him and his men"

Currently all three nations will work under a coalition involving multiple invasions on several fronts and multiple stragetic attacks on the nation. North Korea and The Netherlands have allowed the citizens of Mike to enter as a refugee although any retaliation against our military will be punished with a huge force of destruction.

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