BREAKING- GarryLarryJR Wins Elections

It has become official that the Ragnarok party with GarryLarryJR in charge has become the Prime Minister. With around 46% of parliament, GarryLarryJR was a definate winner.

The Prime Minister has also announced the following people to their titles:

Minister Of Education- GtaBandit

Minister Of Defense-Captain-pig129

Minister of Economics-HazardousCop

Minister of Infratructure and Development-Marinowitteveenm

Minister of Justice-ExosoftGamer

Minister of Agricultural and Industrial Development

Minister of Transportation-Marinowitteveenm

Minister of Foreign Relationships-HazardousCop

Minister of National Relationships-HazardousCop

Deputy Prime Minister-Kiegmonster2013

Minister of Energy-Captain-pig129

Minister of Koefdam Waters-Bungalow2002

As of so far. These are the new ministers with their new roles. GarryLarryJR has also doubled all fundings in government immediatly without raisong any taxes. Something many citizens are very happy with.

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