Koefdam Elections/ Current Score

As there are now 10 days left until we recieve our new Prime Minister we will show the current score of the elections. We will represent the score with the amount of seats each part recieves.

  1. Ragnarok Party (GarryLarryJR) 46 Seats +4 Seats

  2. Koefdam Liberal Party (ExosoftGamer) 23 Seats -1 Seat

  3. Koefdam Democratic Party (HazardousCop) 15 Seats -1 Seat

  4. Koefdam National Party (Darklord2301) 8 Seats -1Seat

  5. The Animated Party (Animated_Vanoss) 8 Seats -1Seat

The following parties have not recieved any votes so far:

  • Marinowitteveenm Makes Change (Marinowitteveenm)

  • FunkyPanda90

  • Captain-pig129

  • Make Koefdam Great (E458Fezza)

Total Number of Seats= 100

Key: The coloured amount represents the amount of seats gained or lost compared to the previous day.

As you can see, many parties are still very close in the results and it is therefore crucial to vote for your future government.

You can vote using this link www.koefdam.com/koefdam-elections-refendums

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