Koefdam Embraces First Millionaire

When hikethegamer1995 started s a small company he never expected to become the richest player although after a year this dream soon became a reality.

HIkethegamer1995 started as a builder constructing the F.I.O.D headquarters and a few other appartments and offices. Not so later, he founded a nation named Canada.

Unfortunatly in January 6 months later his nation was attacked, destroyed and conquered and hikethegamer1995 retreated back to Koefdam.

It was also at this moment when he decided to help the world. He decided to donate to keep the server alive and with the money he bought back his nation.

Soon, with the money bought he investided this into his company and became the second largest airline and the largest car compnay.

Now, Hikethegamer1995 works in the department of Transportation building our new airport and preparing our nation for a better transportation.

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