BREAKING - U.N.K Nations Sanction Koefdam

Every nation in the United Nations of Koefdam has officially closed the borders with the Netherlands. The reason for the sanctions is the war with The Kingdom of Whakanda

The Netherlands declared war with the nation as the leader GarryLarryJR broke out a prisoner in the Dutch Alcatraz State Prison. The Netherlands was outraged by this action of the King of Whakanda and thus the Prime Minister declared war against the nation

However, the King of Whakanda handed himself over to the prison and now other nations no longer see the need of a war. Instead, they have decided to close the borders with the Netherlands, diplomats have been removed from the embassies and trade hs ended to show the Netherlands that war is not an option.

This will cause a great crisis in the nation's car manufacturing as currently most cars are exported from the Land of NolanDaKid.

Another issue are the Dutch citizens stuck in other nations such as the the nation named Poptown where currently 6 citizens are stuck in a nation with no working Dutch embassy.

The Secretary of Defense Captain-pig has ordered all soldiers to attack next Friday instead of this Friday to delay the war as he alos is against the war.

It has also been shown that GarryLarryJR was threatened by another nation who we shall not mention.

The Prime Minister said "I am now so sorry for imprisoning GarryLarry and I was not ware of the threats he recieved. " However, the Prime Minister has not yet canceled the war causing the sanctions to remain.

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