Breaking- Koefdam Declares War on Friday

Yesterday a recon aircraft of our military discovered a strange shape in the hills of Cuba. After asking the United Nations of Koefdam to investigate the strange hill they discovered it was a turret located to destroy the H.M.S Sint Maarten. (A Dutch/United Nations Cargo ship used to send supplies after natural disasters)

After the U.N.K informed us about the weapons we decided to take action. Therefore our Prime Minister has declared war on Cuba as this is a hostile act towards our nation and our men on that ship.

Not also is the turret the only reason for us to declare war. The Cuban authorities have been talking with terrorist Extremeboost from the E.B.R.A and the Cuban military has suddenly created a new military base.

In the image you can see that he mountain has been hollowed meaning anything can be inside.

The military has ordered all active and reserve soldiers to join the server on Friday as that is the day of the battle.

We have not yet received any response from Cuba although our military does not accept these types of weaponry aimed at our ship.

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