Breaking- Commanderdizz Wins Elections

After 6 weeks of campaining with 4 parties battling for a majority in parliament the voting ballots have closed yesterday. We will now present the amount of seats each party will recieve. We will start from lowest to highest. The parliament contains of 100 seats in total.

Funkypanda90- 19 Seats

E458Fezza- 24 Seats

Darklord2301- 24Seats

Commanderdizz- 33 Seats

As we can see here, not only has commanderdizz won the prime minister election but his party also has a third of the seats in parliament creating a stong position in the government.

Unfortuantly commanderdizz has not received the news yet so we are unsure who will be in his cabinet.

After receiving the news the stocks of Kupa Cola and Commanderdizz's Rocket fuel have dropped massively due to the idea of giving article 15s a minimum wage. This will increase production costs and so could increase the prices.

To find out what other laws Commandizz will edit use this link

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