Final Days For Prime Minister Elections

With only 10 days left untill the new Prime Minister will be announced all parties have suddenly increased their advertisements around the city. This has been mainly done by candidates Darklord2301 and E458Fezza.

Recently due to the King's announcement of full control towards the Prime Minister many candidates have stepped up their game to win.

Examples are hiring people to solely turn people onto their side to gain more votes. This tactic has been shown to be very effective in Darklord's case as we heard Darklord gained 6 extra voters with this tactic.

Other parties like E458Fezza have decided to place more billboards containing the text "Make Koefdam Great. Vote Fezza"

Other parties have used billboard next to highways like the iconic "Vote Dark" to vote for Darklord2301. We do not know why the text only displays dark although some say that the text coud not fit. However, some say it is used to represent starwars as if you are voting for the mighty, great 'Dark Side'.

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