King Announces More Power For Parliament

King and Host of the server joepbic has announced that he will no longer we in charge of many departments of the server. He will give the Prime Minister full control of the server except for a few items such as the website and server laws. Our King will still be first in control of the server although the prime minster will now need to control the server.

All laws still need to be accepted by the king before the laws can be enforced although the Prime Minister can now hire and fire government workers and he will control the government's budget. The prime minister will also be in charge of the following:

  • Hiring and choosing the staff of the government. This includes the Minsitry of Defense, Education, Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, Justice, Economics,

Healthcare, Immigration, Foreign Relationships and Internal Affairs.

  • Controlling the government's fundings.

  • Creating new laws.

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