Extremeboost-Freedom Fighter of Terrorist?

Freedom Figheter or Terrorist? Anyway, Hundreds have died with many buildings exploded.

The Netherlands will be hosting a referendum to decide the

destiny of Terrorist Extremeboost. All citizens may vote if we shall keep him banned, send him to prison or let him free and drop all charges. Extrmeboost is known for the most dangerous terrorist attacks while leading the heartless terrorist organisation the E.B.R.A.

Extremeboost has claimed to have "changed" although many citizens and parliament members believe he is up to more deadly and devastating attacks. Which may be the end of the world. Extremeboost is known for his attacks such as the French Massacre, The Olympus Bombing and the Bridgewater Bombings. The E.B.R.A is also known for nuking entire nations such as the innocent and harmless Korea.

Extremeboost does however claim to have commited these horrible attacks out of anger towards the government as he couldn't go on the server for a week due to treason.

So what do you think? Should we let him free? Or should we ban him? All citizens can vote at the voting ballots before 13/03/2018 or vote on the site with this link https://www.koefdam.com/koefdam-elections-referendums

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