Koefdam Recieves New Territory

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has gained an overseas territory located right next to the communist nation of dictator Stevetgnm50. The reason for this addition to our land is that Steve sent pro communist spies into our nation to infiltrate into our military.

Thankfully, due our secret service we discovered the spies and prosecuted them with a life sentence for treason.

The Dutch Governemt however was furious and demanded a form of compensation or else there shall be "devastion and destruction"upon Steve's nation.

Both governments have signed the Treaty of Amsterdam which contains the following:

  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands shall own 3% of Steve's Nation without and interference from Steve and or his military.

  • The nation of Steve may never spy on The Kingdom of The Netherlands ever again

  • If any of the 2 previous statements by broken by Steve and or his military, The Kingdom of The Netherlands will have the right to control 5% of Steve's territory.

  • Above an image of our new land

The Dutch Navy has altered their course towards the new territory which shall be named New Amsterdam. It is estimated that our first naval vessel will arrive at New Amsterdam on Saturday 5pm

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