Street Race In Downtown Koefdam; 2 Suspects Apprehended.

Last night a hot pursuit hit the Koefdam roads when 2 street racers were testing their little 'toys' throughout Downtown and the Transvaal of Koefdam. The K.C.P.D ( Koefdam City Police Derpartment) did not hesistate to respond to this serious call and sppotted the criminal racers very soon.

Unfortunatly, K.C.P.D patrol vehicles are not designed to reach speeds up to 210 Km/h unlike the monstrous racing racing cars of the criminals.

After several hours of puirsuiting the officers could finally apprehend the suspects as their wonderful vehicles ran out of fuel.

In all their lives the officers never saw such a dangerous pursuit with such a "stupid" ending.

You can see the suspect in the green circle whilst being chased by a police unit.

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