Starting a Nation

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Do you wish to lead the people and control your country? Then create your own nation at Koefdam. 

Creating a nation at Koefdam

On the Koefdam City Roleplay. A nation is defined by the following 3 factors. 

  1. The nation has it's own piece of land, which has clear border identifying its independence. 

  2. The nation must have a population of at least 5 nationals. 

  3. The nation must have its separate laws, government and military. 

Obtaining Land

There are many methods for how players can obtain land. There are 2 main methods. War or purchasing land. 

Obtaining Land (Peaceful option) 

Players can purchase lands of government if the current government of that land agrees to give the area independence after the purchase. This is often the fastest method and safer than war. However, it is very difficult to find a government willing to sell lands for them to become independent states. 

Obtaining Land (Aggressive Option)

If purchasing land is not an option. The only option left is declaring the independence of an area, and fighting its local government. Only nationals can do this. For example, only a Dutch citizen can seize control of a Dutch area and fight the rules of war. A Dutch citizen can not for example go to the United States and claim independence of an American area. Therefore the Dutch citizen will first need to become an American citizen, and then a revolution can be started. 

Preparing for war

When declaring war, you must first submit your declaration of war to the United Nations of Koefdam. There it will be reviewed where in most cases your request will be approved. Then, the United Nations of Koefdam will establish a communication channel between both parties, the government and the attacking rebels where both sides will be required to agree on a time and date to battle. If both parties fail to agree on a time to fight in less than 2 days. The UNK will set the battle onto the nearest Friday, at 9 pm GMT. 

Both armies are responsible for their own material and weapons. You can see the list of banned weapons at The International Laws of UNK

Fighting the war

For every map (Scale 3/4) a battle will be fought on that map. In order to win the battle, you must kill the enemy leader 3 times. therefore there are 2 outcomes. If the rebel forces win their first battle. They can choose to either seize another area of land. Or to end the war and keep what they won. If the rebels choose to stop. They have hereby formed an independent nation, and will be given 7 days to establish a government, and find 5 inhabitants.


However, if the rebel forces lost the first battle. The war has ended and they may not apply to attack that nation for the next 60 days.