Arresting a Player

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When you see someone committing a crime you have the right to arrest the suspect. Whether you are a civillian or law enforcement you must take the following in consideration:

Game Mode

When arresting a player you may never use your moderator powers as it is unfair. Therefore as a police officer you must go to the nearest police station, set yourself on adventure mode and you must find the suspect without teleporting or flying. 

Arresting the suspect

There are 2 ways to arrest a criminal. Either you can kill the player (which will knock out the criminal and wake him up in a cell) or you can take the player to the police station. However, it is essential to search a suspect as he may be armed. To search a suspect you will ask him to send a screenshot of his entire inventory. It is often better to have backup when doing this so that one can check the screenshot and the other can keep the criminal under control. 


When having the suspect arrested many nations use different protocols. The German police will ask the officer to inform their police chief, the American police will tell the officer to contact the leader while the Dutch police will ask the officers at the scene to inform their superior and write up a report on what happened.