Getting Started

Welcome to the Koefdam City Roleplay. below will be your guide to help you sign into our server and become a registered citizen with any further advice. 

Joining Koefdam

It is mandatory for all players willing to join Koefdam to join our Discord. You can join our discord using our invite code Once joined into our Discord. Please follow all the steps starting from the channel Welcome, and the channel information. 

After joining our Discord, you will need to fill out a short form at #apply to join. It will usually take between 48 hours to review your form. Please before filling out the form, think of the following questions:
- What will be your character name?
-What will be your character's job?
-What nation will your character join? 
Not sure how to answer these questions? Then head over to for more information. 

Once applied and approved. You can join our server through Minecraft Realm with the invite code s8NaPtlPfJK or using the link

Starting the game

Once joined and registered. Citizens can do whatever they wish. All citizens start with a starting balance of 5,000 Koefna with is the official currency found in our Discord. You can continue learning more about applying for a job, or getting a house below.

Applying for a job/house 

Starting your own company

Building your own house/building

Starting your own nation inside Koefdam