Buying a House or Looking for a job
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When joining the server you will need to find a house and a job. In this article, we hope to show you where to find both a house and a job.

Finding a house

When finding a house you can do many things. 

  1. Walk around the server, and find a for sale sign with the PSN or Microsoft gamer tag.

  2. Look for real estate companies at the bottom of the website by all the logos.

  3. Ask the Koefdam Community or Discord server if any player has a house for sale.

When you have found a home that suits you, you will then need to contact the owner of the property, either via Discord or any other means you can find. 

Finding a job

As players need to buy food and spend money to stay alive. It is vital to find a good source of income. Often players will work for other players or start a company. 

When looking for a job you can:

  1. Visit the job applications page by clicking here or look for jobs in our official Discord server.

  2. Ask the Koefdam Community or Discord server for any player who are looking for employees.