Issues connecting to Koefdam

It may occur that due to some unknown error, either Koefdam is currently down or that you are facing a connection error.

You can check Koefdam's status at #server status on our official Discord.

If Koefdam has no errors on our side, we can not do anything to help fix your issue and we recommend you to contact Minecraft Support if the error persists at

Update 31-10-2020

It appears that the issue is known at Minecraft Bedrock. However, they do not currently see it as a priority, please help us prioritise this issue by upvoting and commenting at


You can also report the issue as a new bug at

Solutions to Join Koefdam

Although this guide is not a 100% guarantee, many players have found it very useful.

Tip 1-Check your NAT type.

The Koefdam City Roleplay hosts on NAT Type 2. Please ensure you are using NAT Type 2.

Tip 2-Restart the application.

Often, players have told us that after the close and open the application it might work, You might need to repeat the process a few times.

Tip 3- Reinstall Minecraft. 

Reinstalling Minecraft is quite drastic, but so far studies have shown that almost all cases were temporarily resolved through this measure. 

Tip 4- Friend the host through Microsoft/Ps4

Although the world is set to public, often people can join easier if they are friends. Friends requests are accepted each Saturday.