Constructing a Building

Once you have joined Koefdam, You might want to build your own house or help us at Koefdam expand our world. There are many ways of how building is done. 


Building (Out of Roleplay)

Do you wish to simply build and not part take in the RP? For these players, our discord community has set up a special role known as the 'Builder' role. These players must be interviewed by the building committee. Who will then grant them special powers to build a building using creative mode. These players will then become part of the building team of Koefdam, and will then work on special projects inside the team. Click here to apply to obtain the builder role

Building (Inside the Roleplay)

Firstly, it is important to identify if you are building inside or outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Building inside the Netherlands

All construction projects are to be approved by no one but the King himself. He will whilst enjoying his tea on Sunday morning review every building project, and either accept or deny the project. In order to submit an application please proceed here. Please ensure that you have a clear idea, a plot of land and that you can provide images of the design.

Building outside the Netherlands

Members willing to build outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands are to contact government officials of their nation. This can be done on their official discords.