Starting a Company/Store

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When starting a company you will need to keep in mind that the government can not help you with this. You will need to find a store and find a way to buy a store.

Step 1- Deciding what you want to sell.

The server has many thing that are needed to keep the economy going. For example items that will always be needed are food, construction workers, clothing, cars and furniture. However, you can also start services such as radio shows or security firms almost anyhting is possible so long as you can find a way to make money.

Step 2- Finding an office.

When selling items you will need a place to represent your company. The website has a great page where sellers can post their shops, farm, factories or offices that are for sale. You can visit this page by either going to the Real Estate page or click here.

Step 3- Designing a logo and theme.

Every company needs to be unique and recognisable by creating a logo. Here are some examples of some major companies on the server.

As you can see, all of these logos are simple and only use a few colours. You can create a free logo using 

Step 4- Finding the Money

If you have the money to start a business you can ignore this step. If you do not there are 3 things you can do:

  1. Work. If you do not have much money you can work for a player untill you have enough money to start your shop/ company.

  2. Get a loan. Often if you do not want to work you can go to a bank and ask for a loan. If the bank beleives in your idea the bank may help fund your organisation in exchange for an interest rate of 5%.

  3. Look for investors. Maybe you know some people who have enough money to help you and in return you give them a small share of your company. 

Step 5- Keeping the company alive. 

Unfortuantly many people do not have the knowledge of understanding how to run an organistation. Therefore we noticed that if you want to stay alive it is crucial to:

  1. Advertise. In order for people to know what you are you must advertise. You can do this through billboards, the website or by simply telling people through the community. (Only one message a day). 

  2. Hire many staff members. When you are offline, people can not buy from you. Therfore it is essential to hire many people from many time zones so they can sell the items for you when you are not online.

  3. Use machines. When selling items you can use machines such as redstone trading systems or you create a form through the website where people can order items.  

Step 6- Suppliying your company.


As you will sell items you will need items. To buy items you can contact factories or farmers. However, if the items what you are looking for can not come from survival you must contact the Kamer Van Koophandel on the server. They can supply you with all the blocks you need for a very cheap price.  You can find the Kamer Van Koophandel at coordinates X-193 Y70 Z 708 which is located in the Utrecht Straat at Downtown Koefdam.

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